From Setbacks to Comebacks: Principal Steps to Bounce Back Financially

08 Jun, 2023
  • Written By: Mimi Anane-Appiah

The financial impact of COVID-19 and its aftermath has been significant, causing setbacks for many individuals and business. Factors produced by the pandemic such as bear markets, increased costs of goods and services, widespread job losses and overall negative economic conditions have disrupted personal finances. While some setbacks can be attributed to negative financial habits, others are a result of unforeseen circumstances. Regardless of how it happened, recovering from a financial setback is possible with commitment, careful planning and perseverance. Here are some key steps to consider to bounce back financially:

Assess Your Situation

Assess the current situation. How have your finances been negatively impacted. Review your income, expenses, debts and assets. Knowing your current financial situation and where you fall short will help you identify areas that you should pay attention to. 

Reflect On The Setback

Remember to learn from your mistakes. There is a common saying that goes “experience is the best teacher” and a financial setback presents a learning opportunity. Reflect on the factors that contributed to the setback and take steps to avoid similar situations in the future. Additionally, improve your financial literacy by educating yourself on relevant personal finance topics while practicing good money management habits.

Establish a Budget

Budgeting is where the magic starts. You are basically telling your money where it should go. Now that you know your financial situation, it is important to allocate funds to areas where it is needed the most. Your budget should be a realistic plan you can commit to. Ensure you are spending within your means by evaluating your lifestyle and spending habits, prioritizing essential expenses and cutting back on non-essential items. Look for opportunities to reduce costs and find ways to increase your income, such as taking on a side job.

Determine Your Goals

Set Financial Goals. On every journey, it is important to know where you are heading to give you a sense of direction. Financial goals help keep you on track to achieve the financial recovery you desire. These goals could include paying off debts, building an emergency fund or catching up with your retirement savings. Break down your goals into actionable steps to track progress and stay motivated.

Tackle Your Debt

Difficult financial times may result in an accumulation of debt if great care is not taken. If you have accumulated significant debt, do not feel bad. Develop a strategy to tackle it. Prioritize high-interest debts as a way of making the most of your money and managing your debt effectively. Explore debt repayment options by seeking guidance from a reputable financial professional if necessary.

Build An Emergency Fund

It is widely recognized that having an emergency fund is crucial, particularly during challenging times. If you currently lack an emergency fund or have depleted the existing one, it is important to prioritize building it back up. Focus on establishing an emergency fund that will serve as a safety net against future financial setbacks. Aim to save an amount equivalent to three to six months' worth of your living expenses in a dedicated account. Consider setting up a direct debit or standing order to facilitate consistent and automatic savings contributions.

Seek Professional Advice

It may be difficult to get ahead on your own, seek professional assistance. Some financial setbacks can be quite overwhelming and difficult to handle. A professional may help you assess your current financial situation, provide tailored advice, help you create a personalized recovery plan and stay on track.

Sometimes, unexpected events or personal mistakes can result in unfavorable financial circumstances. However, it is important to understand and firmly believe that recovery is possible. The duration of the recovery process may vary from person to person, as we all have unique financial situations. Patience and determination are crucial throughout this journey. Additionally, by making wise financial decisions, you can overcome significant setbacks and establish a more resilient financial future.


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